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Of Boundless Human Limits

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I recently read two stories regarding incredible displays of human strength, willpower and endurance and found myself compelled to share them.  As someone who has participated in relatively short hikes and frequently runs and bikes what I would consider a good number of miles on a regular basis, I find these accomplishments incredible.
The first of which is the story of Wayne P. Kurtz who was the first American to compete in the DECA IronMan World Championship held in Monterrey Mexico from November 9-19th, 2009.  With a total time of 141:28:26 Wayne finished 5th overall in this grueling event that consists of ten Ironman triathlons in ten days resulting in 24 miles swimming, 1112 miles biking, 262 miles running.  For more information on Wayne and his accomplishments check out
For those that are looking for ultra running and triathlon information go to:
International Ultra Triathlon Association, Ultra Running Magazine
The next story is that of Todd Carmichael the first American to complete a near death 39 day, almost 700 mile solo trek across the ice and snow of Antarctica to the South Pole, with temperatures reaching 35 below zero and 100 mile per hour wind gusts slamming into him while pulling a 250 plus pound sled of supplies and gear. In the end Todd set a new speed record of 39 days 7 hours and 49 minutes for the journey.  For more information on Todd's amazing story and video of his experience, check out his blog and YouTube Channel at:
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