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The Googleverse App

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I was recently reviewing new options in Picasa and Google Earth.  The Explore Earth, Sky, Mars, Moon features in Google Earth reminded me of a product integration idea I had a few years ago when Google first introduced and  As an individual with a scientific background and continued interest in interactive media and educational technologies, I think it would be cool to see the Googleverse App, which would basically launch as a planetary model where individuals could explore the entire solar system, turn on and off magnetic field layers, learn about gravitational forces, solar flares from the sun, see passing comets, and follow the various NASA space probe missions such as the Casini and Voyager projects. The earth, sky, moon, mars and other planets could still be selected for view from a menu, but in general you could just zoom out and then click the planet or moon that you want to explore. 3D models of orbiting satellites could be loaded in much the way Sketchup lets users add content and then much the way you can design and build virtual worlds in Second Life, users could colonize planets and explore new worlds.  Live videoconferencing could be enabled between users within the virtual worlds, or individuals could continue to learn and interact via their avatars. You could rotate around and between the planets or the rings of Saturn and moons of Jupiter.  Users and astronomers worldwide could contribute images captured from telescopes through tagged photos in Picasa. The product could eventually be developed to the point where it could be integrated with 3D imagery and stereoscopic views, much like the current trend in movies.  This advanced 3D version of the universe could then be tied into new projection technologies for education, guided tours and shows in iMax theaters, Planetariums and other venues around the world.
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